16 March 2016

MidWeek shenanigans

 Campy introduced their own hydro disc brakes. I still like that paint scheme...
 Bus driver training in Spain. Let's the drivers know how it feels to get buzzed by a bus!
 C60 in gold! Quit messing around Mike!!
 Where is this road, and when do we leave?
New Pegoretti. Me-OWWWWWW!

NokereKoerse was this morning. Not "classic" per se, but still a fun race.

Nice little bunch gallop. And did anyone notice the lack of leg/knee warmers? Time to race...

I dragged my unfit, tired self onto the Salsa yesterday. Had no plan, other than to do the normal Powerstation loop. Didn't ride hard...actually dicked around a bit down by the river.
Somehow, I got home with a 1 kmh higher average speed. Not much, but considering my lack of fitness and focus yesterday, I'll take it.
Someone said it was form coming back. I think it was :

(H/T to Stevil for the use of his stuff)

And with that, I bid you adieu. Stay inside today, if you can. The pollen count is approaching the same number as the national debt. Only supposed to get worse by the end of the week. Oh joy...

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berry said...

That road looks like US21 north of Ridgeway. It'd be nice if it were empty of cars...