21 March 2016

Some days....

Some days, you make decisions, and pay for them after the fact.
Saturday, sleeping in and MSR were on the docket.

Great race...as usual. And no, Demare did NOT hold onto a car at 90kmh up the Cipressa. I hate Strava, but in this case, it proves he did nothing wrong. Here's his file : MSR.
People are still bitching about time spent not pedaling, or the lack of power data. Blah...Blah...Blah...
If there's no spike in speed going up the Cipressa climb, then there's no smoke...no fire.
He won. Anything else said about it is sour grapes.

As for riding on Saturday, I should have gotten out of bed early and hit The PowerStation. I could have knocked it down, and been home in time for the last 40km. It was sunny and warm...

Sunday broke with 48 degree, windy drizzle. I pulled the Ridley out of Service Course, and went out on a test loop. The "test" was to see if I could get a certain road loop done in under a pre-described amount of time, so I could do it through the week, and still get back to pick up The Duke from school.
Turns out, it got done, and it'll work.
The weather yesterday was Belgian. Windy. Drizzle/rain. North wind. 40s. Character building.
Felt okay. Rode okay. We'll ignore the fact that I was squirreled sideways on the bike. No worries. Dr. Renick cracked and straightened things out this morning.
Should we mention the pollen? No, that's not Roubaix-esque dirt and mud. It's SC's finest tree pollen. Lovely.
 The new Bixxis steel. Closest thing you're gonna get to a steel DeRosa. It actually IS a steel DeRosa...of sorts...
 Speaking of DeRosa...how about a Pininfarina designed aero DeRosa? Yes, it's as spendy as you think it is..
 Mosaic's NAHBS show bike this year. Beautimous.

And I know the whole 'single chainring' thing is gaining momentum, but no...just don't...especially if you live somewhere with altitude. Having a 10/50 cassette is asinine. Holy jumps between cogs Batman!! I usually link manufacturers, but in this case, I'm just not going to do it.
And yes, it's for mountain bikes, but the single ring thing has infiltrated CX, and is trying to make it to the road.
Oh, and that cassette? It weighs 505g. TWICE the weight of a "normal" road cassette. An Ultegra 6800 F/D weighs 87g. A 39t ring weighs 80g. Chainring bolts? 15g for alloy.
All told, running a double weighs less. AND doesn't look stupid...

Happy Monday. Enjoy it.

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