19 June 2015

Safe mode

You know...that thing where you start to come apart for no good reason.
Left the house last night...felt bad.
Rode over to the ride...felt bad.
Did the first half of the ride...felt bad.
After we hit Gator, the powerplant clicked into Safe Mode, and I limped home.
It wasn't hot. I was plenty hydrated, and had eaten enough. The body just clocked out, and that was that. Not a bonk...not even close. Just a work stoppage.
Still got 2 hours on the bike.

Looks like Peter Sagan is finding some form right before the Tour...

Cav got blown off the wheel coming to the last corner. Poppin' Fresh, and Etixx-QuickStep, better get their shit together in the next couple of weeks. Cav might win a stage or two, but his goal of the green jersey is a pipe dream.

Mavic introduced "gravel" wheels. $1250 for a 1600+ gram wheelset. Not to be a naysayer, but merely pointing out facts...
One could EASILY buy/build TWO sets of wheels that are stronger, and lighter, than the Mavics, for less than $1250. EASILY. And yes...with disc hubs....

As usual, Bob Mionske clears the air, and gets it right. And yes, the 'you don't pay taxes' argument gets thrown around A LOT. Let's be perfectly clear...
Cycling is NOT an inexpensive hobby. Bikes, shoes, helmets, kits, food...not cheap. I feel fairly confident that the guy on the $8000 carbon wonder bike, wearing $400 shoes, and $300 worth of kit has paid his fair share into the kitty.
If anything, cyclists likely pay MORE simply based on the salary required to ride around on $10k worth of bike and kit. We all own cars, and most of us are homeowners. We pay...

Cav is rolling around on this monstrosity at the Tour de Suisse. Good to see that the company that sues everyone else for designs has "borrowed" some ideas from Parlee (front end) and BMC (rear triangle).
And the faired fork on the SpecialEd? Yeah, it's not "legal" under the terms set for bikes by the UCI, but then again, as we've seen in the past, the UCI's rules can be...shall we say..."fluid".

By the way, the red Parlee shown above was stolen out of it's owner's garage on Wednesday afternoon. He lives in Chicago, and bought the bike from Velosmith. If anyone comes across the bike, please call the guys at Velosmith!

And with that...Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Go outside and play.

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