22 June 2015


I rode last weekend, but didn't do much else...
Saturday and Sunday were the same rides. Up early...on the bike...home.
Both went out, and around, The PowerStation, up through Town, and home.
2 hours. No fuss. No muss.
Did I mention that the entirety of The PowerStation is under the canopy...in the shade? Yeah...that take a bit of the sting out of the hellish days we've been experiencing lately.
I rolled back into Service Course @ 11:15am yesterday. It was already 92F.

A little lunch, some lazing about, and Corpo loaded up and went to the pool. It was quite nice, even if the pool temp was equivalent to tepid bathwater. No matter. Junior Management loved it, and that's all that matters.

And I started thinking, which we all know can be a dangerous action for me...
I never go out solo on the road bike any more. Like NEVER! If I go out solo, it's on the CX bike. Usually a combo of some road, but mostly dirt.
Then the 40w bulb started buzzing above my head. Why not get rid of the road bike, and build a super light, semi-trick CX bike?
It would be as light, if not lighter, than the Noah, and have the ability to do whatever I ask it to do.
Dirt? Put the knobbies on. Road? Switch wheels (and pedals, if need be), and I'm good to go.
At the moment, I'm leaning towards a Trek Boone with Ultegra Di2. Cantilever brakes.
Not a bad set-up...

Our friend Boyd put together a little ride in the mountains for July 11th. 100+km. 5000+ feet of climbing. Oh, did I mention that 35+km of the ride is on dirt/gravel roads? It's also been advertised as a "no drop" affair. Be aware though, some heavy hitters will likely be in attendance. "No drop" may not mean what you think it means...
He said that tires needed would be AT LEAST 25mm. HAHAHAHA! If you can wedge a 30mm tire into your road bike, do it. If not, slam a 30-35mm tire on your CX bike.
Challenge makes a good 30mm road tire, as well as a couple fast rolling "grinder" tires.
Compass sells a few BIG volume road/gravel tires.
If it was ME, I'd pick up some of the 32mm Compass Stampede Pass tires.
Unfortunately, it won't be me this time around, as I'll be in Ohio to deliver my grandmother to her final resting place.

I should probably go down a turn on the AC in Service Course, as I actually need to do some work on the Ridley. No...not tearing it down. Not yet, at least...

Tomorrow night, I'm likely going to do the "out with the group...home on the dirt" ride. Feel free to join in, and stay (kind of) out of the heat.

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