05 January 2015

We now return you to your normal programming...

The Boss went back to work, and Junior Management went back to school. The silence is glorious.
JM looked like they'd spent a long weekend in Vegas this morning. 6:30am rolls around early when one has done nothing but wake up at the crack of 9, and lounge for two weeks. It was quite funny.
Breakfast looked a little like this...
Had a couple of good rides this weekend.
Dean and I saddled up Saturday morning. It was quite pleasant outside. Cloudy, damp, and about 55 degrees. While many of you say, "Fuck THAT!", once rolling that exact weather is quite comfortable.
We rolled right along. Right up until I was sabotaged...
Coming into South Congaree, I reached down to replace my bottle, and saw something shiny laying in my path. Front wheel missed it. Rear wheel hit it as square as one could possibly hit something. BOOM!
No hiss. No slow leak. The tire went, and went with prejudice.
As I rolled to a halt, and started the process of changing out the tube, Dean rolled back for a break naturel.

As he returned to where I was booting the tire with a GU wrapper, he presented his hand, and asked if what it contained was what I'd hit.
Yes...yes it was...
And that thing? A meth/crack pipe of some sort. Just the heavy metal end.
A big thanks goes out to the dope fiend who decided to just toss their paraphernalia out on the side of the road. It only cost me a Vittoria Open Corsa SL, and a Vittoria latex tube. At retail, only about $80. Dicks.
And here's the damage. I nursed that bitch home for an hour. The cut opened, and the casing began to warp. That silver seen thru the gaping maw of a cut? That's the GU wrapper.
Size reference? That's a 24c tire on a 23mm wide hoop. Not so much a cut as a gash...
Slept in a bit Sunday, watched Leuven, which was some sort of demented MC Escher-designed course, then jumped on the Salsa.
Twas quite fun. The Powerstation was wet, but not terribly heavy. All the way out to Eastman and back in. On the way back in, it was like everything became aligned, and the pedals just turned over. No effort. As Hincapie calls it...a no-chain day.
Seeing as it seemed wrong to waste it, I stomped it all the way across town, up Gervais, and through Five Points.
Maybe it was the return in karma for the premature death of the Vittoria, or from the tree I cleared on Old State. Who knows...but it was nice.

Stuff to look at and read :

Todd English nails it again.
A custom HD 750. Looks like it's ready to punch someone in the neck.

And from the "Yes, The Playing Field WAS level" files. 65% doped!!
Make sure you enlarge the graphic to see just how involved, and incestuous, it was...and likely still is...

Have a quality Monday. The sun is out, and it's going to get balls cold by Wednesday night. Go outside today...

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