21 January 2015


Don't know about you folks, but my internal calendar is all kinds of screwed up from having a long weekend.
I thought yesterday was Monday, thus forgot to plug in my lights until about 4:30. Nothing gives one that secure feeling like leaving for a 2 hour night ride with less than a full battery charge.
Things to be glad for yesterday :
1) Running dual lights on the front. One light crapped out last night.
2) Feeling a little bit tired, and not riding on the front. Henry got to the big washout first, carrying entirely too much speed.
He got there, saw that it now resembles a chasm, and executed an emergency bunny-hop. Well, no so much a bunny-hop, as I think the bike left the ground as a direct result of the vacuum created by his sphincter slamming closed.
Everyone else dismounted and walked it, including yours truly, and you know if I get off, it's not passable.
It was nice of the "B" group to poach the private property again. Like I've said before, if they wanted people back there, that giant, orange, custom-fabbed gate wouldn't be locked to a giant steel post, and have barbed-wire around it.
The answer? "No one is back there..."
Well, no one is at the bank at night either. Doesn't mean you can let yourself in....

Back in through the trails, up onto campus, into the 'hood, and home. 2:15 on the bike is a pretty nice way to spend an evening. Did I mention it was in the 60s? And I rode in shorts?

And special thanks to the cranky old biddy who yelled at us for using the MUT...thru the woods...at night. Such a delicate flower. God forbid she share...like an adult.

Rapha, and pretty much everything it stands for, is daft. I do, however, have feelings for this frameset. Make mine the same, but leave off the Rapha logos. Thanks.

On your left....

And like Dean, I think my next bike will be metal. I'm leaning towards this ^^^^^^^^^^^^. Genesis OS 853. 44mm headtube. OS downtube and BB shell. $1400 F/F. Not a bad deal.
Or just sell out completely, and get the 953 Stainless version....
It's shiny. And twice the money. Did I mention it's shiny?
The money "saved" by going 853 just bought the 11v group. I'm no economist, but...

High 60s again today. Take your lunch outside.

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