19 January 2015


The Grandma said she wanted Junior Management last weekend. Who am I to say no?
And seeing as she's half-retired at this point, and only works mornings, AND JM had Friday off, they went out to the LexCo office shortly after lunch Friday.
This allowed me to get out in the sunshine for a ride. A truly odd sensation through the week.

I didn't ride far, and I definitely didn't ride fast, but the legs got going around after a week of virtual inactivity, and the sun felt good.
Dean and I met Saturday for an easy 3 hours out through LR. Again, big sun, but it was chilly. The rest of my day was consumed with honey-do projects. The most affecting was the switch from the king size bed, down to the queen. Yeah, I know that's backwards, but as we're trying to get this place together to sell, the smaller bed makes the room look bigger. Perception and all that....
It's like sleeping on a postage stamp....
And moved furniture, and customizing the high-dollar headboard to accept the queen rails, just KILLED my back and legs. I figured Sunday would be a deathmarch.
We had a good group Sunday morning for the new Swansea loop. Once out to the normal turn, we headed straight, and added an outside loop, and it was easily the highlight of the ride. Terrific roads. Outstanding views. No cars.
Once in Swansea, for the regular BP stop, we headed home. A ripping tailwind on Hwy6, was punctuated by some dumbass redneck who passed us IN THE GRASS. Yeah, Dog forbid you got held up for 30 seconds...on a Sunday morning in Swansea. So much to do out there...DICK.
Tailwinds and crosswinds followed us home. And of course, I flatted...in the middle of a fecking climb. Super. Fixed it with a new tube, and a piece of GU wrapper...again, and we went hard on 176.
12th. St. was a bit of a challenge coming in. Nothing like a 20+ crosswind to end the day...
No matter. I actually felt pretty good, and hit the door with 118km. Yeah, I should have looped the block to make it an even 120. I didn't. Shut up.
Twas a good ride, and a good loop, with good folks.
Even though today is a day "off", I'm staying clear of the bike. I should probably go spin for an hour to get the crap out of my legs, and get some blood moving...we'll see.

And just when you thought the QuickStep boys didn't do any silly photo-shoot stuff, this leaks on the intarwebs...
So much to say...
Their social media people are simply asleep at the switch.

The TdU kicked off. Kittel opened his account early.

Two things :
1) Kittel looks like he needs :
   A) A bigger bike
   B) Wider bars
   C) Deep drop bars
   D) Longer cranks
2) What the F is up with that helmet?

But, who am I to ask these questions? He's the pre-eminent sprinter in the World. I'm some dumbass in SC, pecking away at a Chromebook.

Svenness 3.9
SVENNESS 3.9 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Happy Monday people! Enjoy it. I'm gonna go out and play with my truck...

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