13 January 2015


Aren't they all anymore though...?

Here's how a CX race is run in Belgium...(racing starts at 23:00)

Look! Mud and trees...

Sunday. 0900. Colonial Center. 70-ish miles out thru LexCo.
The Loop

There will be 1 or 2 stops. Everyone stays together. Winter pace. Cutoffs are aplenty.
Come on out. The weather is forecasted to be good. You might have a good time.


Junk said...

Klaas is by far the least technical rider of the top five in that race; however, those conditions suited him. Note the amount of running they had to do and watch the mudfests throughout the year. While everyone else was doing everything to stay on their bike Klaas was on the run in a heartbeat. Doesn't matter though as he got it done...Chapeau.

MM said...