04 July 2014

Happy 4th!!

So, instead of getting up, and leaving the house @ 4am to make the 4th of July ride in Tryon, a plan came together a few weeks ago to do the Memorial/Labor Day Flat 80km loop instead.
It was a better plan.
Several intrepid souls met @ 0715 at Owens Field, and rode to the ride. What's another 30km between friends?
Another huge group assembled for the 0800 rollout. I don't know the total, but I'm betting it was somewhere near 60!
Coonan and I led the first leg of the ride, out to the Swamp, and kept the whole bunch together.  Once back on the road, the pace in the front group definitely went up. It was big fun though, as there were probably 25-30 folks.
Speeds ranged between rolling/tempo to biting the stem, and it was goooood.
Once back to Caughman Road Park, our little sub-group gathered up, and rolled back into the 'hood.
Door to door, I ended up with 110km...and was back in the house at 11:40!
No pictures, as I really didn't feel like dealing with the camera today.
I will say that better days on the road bike are few and far between. 
Thanks to Hurricane Arthur for pulling all of the heat and weather off of us.  Thanks to those who joined in for the extra saddle time.  And a BIG thanks to Becky Cates for putting this fun together.
If you missed it, well...

I concur...
Two wheels good. Custom BMW better.
The Tour starts this weekend. Here's a primer if you are going....
And Kate Upton, eating a bomb pop, on the 4th of July, because #'Merica.

Enjoy your 4th. Be safe. No reason to lose fingers, or any other appendage today!!

Sunday 0900 @ Colonial.  Come on out.  You may enjoy it...

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