03 February 2014

Solid proof

It's really not like solid proof was needed to further argue the fact that cycling, in pretty much all disciplines, is far better than the NFL.
Two things happened in the sports World yesterday that proved this fact.
The Super Bowl and the World CX Championships.
One was a back and forth battle for the entirety of the allotted time.  The other was a summary ass-kicking.
The Super Bowl ended up 43-8 Seahawks, and let's be honest, it really wasn't THAT close.

Watch this, and tell me what had more action, drama, and competitive spirit.

Sure, that was only 8 minutes of the race, but it hit the high spots.  I'll post the entire coverage when it's available...
If you've watched that, and can still tell...well...whoever...that the Super Bowl was more exciting, I can no longer help you along your path.
Best part?  Getting on Twitter after the race and reading that a "roadie" won the WC.  Really?  Stybar is a "roadie".  Haven't been following CX very long, eh?
(Pssst...this was Stybar's THIRD CX WC.)

Here's the edit of the women's race as well.


And u23...this was a walkaway...

Me?  I rode my bikes.
Saturday was a solo CX affair.  Cold, wet, pissy rain fell for most of it.  Still knocked down 2+ hours out on The PowerStation.  Only reason for coming back to Service Course was an incorrect choice made when grabbing gloves.  Fox MTB gloves are great...in all weather that's NOT 38 degree rain.
No pics, as it was raining, and my hands weren't exactly operating at one would consider peak efficiency.

Sunday was foggy to start.  People bailed b/c of it.  A good ride was missed.
Il Prof and I ended up with 4:15 on the bike, and discovered a pretty damn nice new road.
The fog broke up about an hour into the loop, and we came home under a big blue sky.

 Pretty terrible out there...
And a tip.  If one shows up at the completely wrong place for the ride, even AFTER one has been advised of the change weeks before,as well as the AFTERNOON before, one only has him/herself to blame.

Vos' WC winning CX bike.  She doesn't believe in that "Slam your Stem" nonsense.  She believes in negative rise.  Your slammed stem is too high for her...

And when people try to sell you on the idea of disc brakes for anything other than a MTB, show them this photo...
Yeah...that's Ryan Trebon's leg after the race yesterday.  A spinning disc rotor got him from behind.  Makes one REALLY hope discs make the jump over into road bikes.  Crits will be a GD bloodbath!!  Can't WAIT!

Single parenting until mid-week.  The Boss is in New Orleans at an insurance conference.  Read that sentence again, and quickly discern why I'm still here.

And with that...I bid you a happy, cloudy, albeit warm Monday.  Hey, you could be up in the Northeast, watching snow fall as you walk into work!

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