21 February 2014

Friday morning...

...and the weather is...well, iffy I'm quite honest.  A big line of rain and thunderstorms is approaching from the West, and everyone is losing their minds.
It's a rainstorm people...it happens.  Simmer down.  Not every weather event needs "-pocalypse", or "-mageddon" added to it.

By 3pm, the sun will be out, and it will be pleasant once again.  Of course, I say that, and lightning will probably strike my 100 year old Hickory tree, and drop the bitch on my house.

Another fun ride last night!  And to be honest, the sunset was worth the price of admission. Nice to see the bike lane is so clean as well... (rollseyes)
And there's not a whole lot that beats leaving the house on a February night in just a jersey and bibs.  Roxy said she felt "naked" which, of course, sent the conversation off the rails immediately.
Yes, I am a 44 year old manchild...
2.5 hours of warm evening on the CX is good for the soul.

Over the last few days, we've had discussions about THIS ARTICLE, which I am borderline loathe to link.
Click the link, read it, and come back...I'll wait...

Okay, not that you're back, dear reader, I'll opine for a moment.
Thru Axles on road and CX bikes are just another planned obsolescence solution, looking for a problem.  It's another "Here, you unknowing simpletons, you NEED this to be better, and safer..."
I think we can all agree that certain technologies have their place on a subset of bicycles.  Thru Axles are definitely good on several types of MTBs.  They stiffen, and make safer, front ends that take abuse in myriad ways, on every  plane.
On a road bike, not so much.  It's over-complicating something that has been THE answer for several decades...The QR.  Thank you Tullio Campagnolo, for solving the problem IN 1927!!!!!
People have decried, "QRs fail...".  Sure, if you're an idiot, or if it's damaged, or if you are a dope who doesn't take care of your equipment.
How many QRs have I replaced when they got dodgy?  A few.  How many have I had fail in 25 years of riding?  None.
Again, like disc brakes, or tubeless tires, when it comes to road bikes, thru axles are an industry answer, looking for a question.
And James Huang, the guy who runs BikeRadar, is little more than an industry shill at this point.  He's never met a product he didn't like, and after gushing about it, it's funny how the manufacturer of said product pops up as a sponsor on his site.  Curious, no?

"The chamois cream burned my flesh, and caused my scrotum to turn 4 shades of purple, but it protected just fine...now click the link and buy some..."

Moving on...

Custom builders, please give folks a canti option!  If I was going to drop the coin on a custom CX bike, as beautiful as this one is, I'd move on to another builder.

Yes, that IS a large fin on the top of the saddle, right where your nethers reside.  No, it's not April 1st.  It's a real thing.  The copy states the fin is supposed to increase pedaling efficiency.  I guess they're using the same reasoning as :
 The Heretic's Fork helps posture, or...
The Rack helps to decompress the spine.
"A large protuberance smashing me in the taint while I ride?  Sure, I'll take two!  Do they come in black?"
So dumb...

From the "Two Wheels Good" file...
 It's a VERY limited edition custom done by Kodewa for Lotus.  It comes in a few old school liveries.  All are just sex...
And speaking of, how about the McLaren P1?  A 903hp gas/electric hybrid.  Dripping with power, tech, and stunning looks.  And yes, that IS a blue flame shooting out of the exhaust as Monkey throws it into the corner...
Price?  None of us can afford it...

Happy Friday people!  It's supposed to be nice this weekend.  Go ride/run/row/spin around in circles in the yard 'til you puke! 

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