06 February 2014


So yeah, the weather guy was right yesterday.  I was wrong.  About an hour after I loaded yesterday's post, the sun came out, and it got damn nice!
Thus, Msr. Bristol and I decided on a little ride.  I needed a spin, and he needed to shake down his new Felt MTB.
Two birds and all that...
Want to learn how to ride mud sections?  Any mud sections?  Head out to The Powerstation right now!
From the first K-Rail to the last intersection of new trail, the road has the consistency of peanut butter.  Not the thick, chunky kind either.  More like the "all-natural" stuff, after it has separated.
Worn out Clement LAS tires aren't exactly the best performers in that sort of thing.  No crashing...not even close, as I actually know how to handle my bike, not just proclaim I do because I've just learned to ride with no hands.
Out and back, up thru downtown, campus, and the 'hood.  A couple of hours on a pretty near perfect evening...especially for February.  I mean, we rode in shorts....

 #nofilter  #nofocus either
 The Statehouse is one of those buildings that makes it easy to take nice photographs.

Surely beat the hell out of riding the trainer...

I may have found HBStache's spirit animal...

Even I've raced enough to know that you gotta block the inside in the last turn! #guttershot

"Eh, Zdenek, I'm tell yous one lasts time.  You touches me again, and I'm break off yours arm, and beats yous to death with..."

Weather today?  Cloudy and 50.  I think the weather guy hit that nail on the head.  I should probably go charge my lights.

Time to start the day...

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