05 February 2014

Rain, rain...go away...

...you make my joints stiff anyway!
Another morning of 45 degree rain.  Sure, the local weather guy ( John Farley) says 66 and clearing today, but as I look out my window, it seems like the weather forecast came from Chris Farley.

My stretch of single management is over, thus I'll be able to at least throw a leg over the top tube this evening.  Hopefully even go outside...

Time wasters :
The Tour has Skoda follow cars...they use Rolls in Dubai...


What teams are riding this year...

Styby on the throttle...

Team car?

And in case anyone is curious, here's a clear and concise explanation of BB standards.

BB standards

All of these standards seem like answers to questions never asked.  Sort of like road tubeless, discs on CX/Road bikes, and thru axles on CX bikes.  Haven't heard that one?  Well...Focus has it coming down the pipeline.
Because, you know, standard axles and QRs haven't worked just fine for decades. 
Standard English BBs are fine for this luddite.  Myriad choices of BBs and cranksets, and way easier to install/service. 
I had the cranks off, and the BB out of the Ridley in less than 10 minutes last weekend.  Just sayin'...
"But it's stiffer....!" say the manufacturers.  Sure, maybe to a top Euro Pro sprinter.  For the rest of us...not so much. 
My Noah with Rotor cranks is easily the stiffest bike I've ridden.  Standard English BB setup. 

Okay...enough revelry for today your week is halfway over.  Don't complain, you could be in Sochi.

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