25 February 2014

RIP Harold Ramis

A lot of my formative years were spent watching Harold Ramis movies.  I wish I could say this was for reasons cerebral in nature, but it was because they were funny, had a bit of crude humor, and sometimes even some boobs.  And we know where boobs rate on the scale of importance in a teenage boy's life.
Watch the movies again today, they are different.  Still funny, sometimes crude, but actually a bit more cerebral and intelligent.  And at 44, boobs are still important...

He spoke a bit about this to The Hudson Society a few years back.  His reference in this case was "Groundhog Day".

His passing affects me far more than that of others who have passed simply because his work holds a lot of space in my addled little brain, and the fact that he wasn't a douchebag.
He never went "Hollywood".  Never became the stereotype.
He stayed in Chicago...lived in the neighborhood...went to Cubs games...walked to the coffee shop.
Harold Ramis was wealthy and famous, but by all intents and purposes, he was a mensch.

Thank you Mr. Ramis...

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