14 September 2012

Another week in the books

Now that that Junior Management is back in school, days and weeks are just flying by.  Thankfully, as Summer seemed to drag ass.  Of course, the other side to that coin is the fact that I'm getting older by the day...

Oh, and here's some CX action...

Here's some bar-cam footage...

Koksijde World Championships Bar Cam Footage from Behind THE Barriers on Vimeo.

Good ride again last night.  It was faster than Tuesday.  Of course, MW and JayC rode away from us on Glenn.  and by rode away, I mean went fucking horizon.  Gone!  See ya!
I'd planned on sitting in and not doing any work.  Yeah, well...about that...
The popular refrain from last night was "Boo Hoo...Pull Thru...!" 
Once again, we were racing the darkness.  I hit Service Course @ 7:55, and it was pretty freaking dark.  Looks like the Tuesday/Thursday rides might be coming to a close pretty shortly.  No worries.  I found my light...now where's that charger?  Betting The Boss probably has a good idea of it's location, as my things seem to vanish when she gets the urge to "clean up".

Saturday ride 0900 from Rosewood School (S. Ravenel side)  50-ish out thru the Swamp...no reflective vest required.
Sunday - 0900 from Greene and Laurens.  Lex and Calhoun. 

Enjoy your weekend!  Go outside and play!

(Gotta go hook the Burley up to the CX bike now...)

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