20 September 2012

 And again, this is why Paolo Bettini is one of the greats! 

 Gilbert : "You see Tom, up around this corner is where I attack...!"
Boonen : "The right turn...up there...?"

 Some things on this Colnago are just wrong, while others are so, so right!

 Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed.  And by the looks of the picture, he's been hitting the gym!  Ever had an ass-kicking by the World's smartest Astrophysicist?

Ah Cipo...when turning on the style really meant something..

No ridey today.  I'm on day two of single management duties.  And of course, it's fucking perfect outside! 

Plan on Saturday morning @ 0900.  Location TBD
Sunday 0900 from Laurens and Greene.


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