24 November 2011


Happy Turkey Day everyone!

No, on to the show...

It was BALMY Tuesday night, which brought out a HUGE group for the night ride. Conservatively, there were 40 out for the fun. The funny part? As we sat at the Confederate War Memorial at the State House, it was quite easy to see that we outnumbered the Occupy Columbia dumbasses by more than 2 to 1. What does that tell you?
How about we start an Occupy A Bike movement? #occupybikeseat

Back to the ride...
If one remembers a few short weeks ago, Tipper got destroyed by a large doe down by the river. Well, it seems the old boy still has some lingering mental issues with that section of trail. After Tuesday, it seems that we all should! I led down into the trail, looked up, and saw a HUGE buck standing about 100 yards away. By HUGE, I mean a 200+ pound, 8 to 10 point, hang on the den wall, trophy. He was impressive. He ran up the hill, into the woods, towards our direction of travel. Sphincters were tight until we got out of the park and into Olympia.

Good ride though...two hours of fun in the dark.

Intermission:As if we needed proof that the whole "fixie hipster/scenester, douchebag" thing has jumped the shark, this pic was captured in WalMart! Jeez...

This morning, I woke up late, saw the family off to Chesterfield for the madness that is their "family" Thanksgiving. It's really nothing more than than an excuse for everyone to get together, be really snarky and passive/aggressive, and get a free meal. I'll pass, thanks.
Instead, I got on the CX bike and rolled out into Lexington County for a couple of hours. Definite North wind this morning, which made the ride home a bit of a slog, but Rule #5 takes precedence, I drove it home.

The family will be back @ 1600h for dinner. They better damn well better be, considering the amount of time I spent on the bird. Brined and fried baby!
Now? It's time for my pre-post turkey nap nap. Yeah, it's a thinker...

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving! Remember, it's only a day. You should be thankful for what, and who, you have in your lives everyday!

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