17 November 2011

2 more

Just two more days until I'm allowed to ride again. Mind you, this was a self-imposed time off the bike. Well, sort of...
The Boss has been working in another city for a few days, so I've been single-parenting. She took M.T. #3 with her, so it's just been me and the other two. Normally, I would drop them at school, then hit the bike. It seems that scheduling and a wonderful head cold have conspired against me this week. I think about 75% of the Southeast has this cold that's running around.
It's all good though. I'd rather be getting better through rest, forced or otherwise, than miss riding next week, when the schedule gets wide open.

Cousin Wes is hating life in this one. Notice he hasn't let go of the bars. And yes, we are related at some point down the line(age).

Play on Playa! When you have your name on your Dugasts, AND on your custom Ridley/Merckx, I'm pretty sure you've arrived. Badass...

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