11 September 2011


Great ride this morning with Jed, Il Prof, and TVH. We went out through Lexington County, to Swansea, across Hwy 6 to Hwy 21 to Sandy Run, then backtracked it home. 105km in the big bright sun, on smooth rolling roads. To say it didn't suck is an understatement!


Another one of those horrible, high traffic roads out in Calhoun County...

TVH had on enough sunscreen to protect all four of us!

I like old barns!

Former ProDog, and CX National Champeen, Jed S. continuing his quest to go from the couch to CX Nats.

One of the highlights of the ride was the red velvet Twinkies at the gas station. Who knew? I'm quite sure whatever gave them their red hue will likely, in the long run, give me cancer, but DAMN they were good!
Another highlight came from Il Prof having a flat. TWO folks in cars stopped to see if he/we were okay! Shocking and unexpected to say the least, but nice and appreciated nonetheless.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Remember what day it is! Forget all of the ancillary political bullshit...just think of THE DAY and why it's important.


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