13 April 2011


Talking points :
-Good turnout, even though it was windy
-Pretty fast out of the gate
-Break went, and got pulled back
-JayC took a flyer on the last lap
-He got caught with <200m to go
-Coco took out the sprint (surprise!)
-Young Stephen Ridley took second on junior gears (good show!)

I rode the new Jericho CX bike, thus severely handicapping my already limited ability with nothing more than a 40t front ring. Let me say, a 40/12 (88 gear inches) is just not enough when rolling down the front-stretch @ 50+kmh. Two laps of 120rpm was enough for my non-spinner self. I just rode a comfortable tempo for the rest of the time.
Now the positive...
The bike rides like a fucking dream! Smooth, stable, stiff and it actually turns. My Salsa turns a bit like my 4x4 truck. Sure it turns, but up the speed and it pushes like a pig.
It's definitely a keeper. I may need to buy some new stuff for the Ridley and put the 7800 on the Ridley...
It also made me start another search for a steel frame...and I found this...

Baum Ristretto. Straight from Oz. Full custom. Tasty...

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