28 April 2011

News you can (maybe) use

Sounds like the natives are getting restless over at Garmin-Cervelo! You listening Vaughters? Oh, and PAY THE MAN!

Clentador gets a CAS hearing...right before the Tour...color me shocked! Any guesses what the result will be? I'm no oracle, but even I know how this one's gonna work out!

Merckx says Gilbert could play a role @ Le Tour? That harmonious screaming sound you hear is the Schleck boys.

Storms rolled through this morning, but it's not exactly cheery outside right now. As much as I loathe the fucking thing, it looks like it may be a trainer morning. It may be the smart play though, as it's 8 a.m., and it's still dark, and the thunder is still rumbling off to the East. Crashing on wet roads, or getting popped by some Junior Leaguer on her Blackberry both hold little romance for me today.
No ride tonight either, as I've been told by the H.O. that attendance at the school picnic is mandatory. SO excited...

We got lucky though. Just rain, some wind, and a lot of noise. Most of the rest of the Southeast got WRECKED. Thoughts go out to those affected by the storms!


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