07 April 2011


Yeah, this is a little late...grab a tissue...

Normal stuff...
45min + 2 laps
30-ish folks at the start.
65 degrees and a bit breezy down the backstretch

The pace started a bit slow with Il Prof and ECash rolling off and the group basically watching them go. Once the fire got lit, it got pretty quick...well...pretty quick.
A break quickly formed and it was full of horsepower. Sunday, Bond, Ward, ECash, TedB and Blance (he'll always be Blance to me...sorry!) got into the break and were rolling! Blance got tailed off at about 25 minutes, but the remaining 5 kept it wound tight.
At first, the was no real impetus, nor horses, to chase the break...until Der Kaiser arrived at the course. It went from a gaggle of 20-ish riding around like a school of fish, to being lined out in a single lap.
No matter, the break was gone, and the only thing left to figure out was the winner.
Off the last corner, the sprint started (way early). Let me remind you, fair readers, that turn 4 is, in fact, 350m from the finish.
With about 100m to go, Bond kicked and posted a clean win. I'll take about 25% of the credit, as I was the only one willing to give up a GU to his cause prior to the race. Without it, I'm fairly confident he'd have bonked, and been laying prone on the front lawn of the fire station.

Discussion has also begun concerning the issuance of racing licenses for the TNWC. The newly formed IPRA (Industrial Park Racing Assoc.) will be discussing this at our next meeting. There will be no cost to you, the participants, but racing ages will be strictly enforced. Thanks for your understanding...


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Junk said...

350 meters? It seems so much closer when you start the sprint after coming out of turn 3.