26 April 2011

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Edit: Best website on the intarwebs...

Jens Voigt Soundboard

Great video of Mavic @ Roubaix

It's Tuesday, and the TNWC is supposed to go off. I sent a tweet out, ostensibly canceling the race. Of course, this was 45 minutes ago, when it was storming like the fucking Wizard of Oz. We live in Columbia though, where if the weather isn't to your liking, all you need to do is wait 15 minutes. It's now bright and sunny outside.
I rode this morning, my bike is clean, and I really don't feel like getting stuck out on Bluff Road in a thunderstorm. If you choose/chose to go, have a good time! I will not be in attendance. See you next week...

Speaking of riding, I hit the double secret CX loop on the Jericho yesterday, and learned a few things.
1) It's unbelievably smooth, stable, and plenty stiff for a skinny tubed steel frame.
2) I don't know if I like SRAM. The levers are small, and the shifting is far less intuitive than either Shimano or Campag. It's also herky jerky when it shifts. It decides when it wants to be in proper adjustment.
3) I KNOW I don't like the bars I put on the bike. Instead of just buying Deda Newton Deep bars, that I ride on the other two rigs, and knew would work, I bought Deda RHM bars. Shorter reach and a much shallower drop ain't for me. Let the search for the deeps begin.

CR and I did a big loop this morning. Nice conversational pace. Absolutely nothing but gunfire happening on the Fort. We did a little coastdown race on the descent of The Wall. Nothing like a 72kmh trip down the hill WITHOUT pedaling...

That's all for me...have a good evening!

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