31 March 2011


You still think you want to go ride in Belgium?
Think you're hard enough?
Did Hoste pick up MMA as a hobby?

Dude crashed in Stage 1 of De Panne. Now let's do inventory...
-Lost one tooth
-Chipped tooth #2
-Chunk of meat missing above eyebrow, and I mean CHUNK. I saw the pic w/o the bandage. It looked like he got hit with a flail!
-Road rash...ON HIS FACE!!!

Yeah, he's starting Flanders on Sunday. Hard is as hard does...


Junk said...

Saw the crash. It looked low speed, but you could tell blood was everywhere. My man was not a happy camper and I'd hate to be anywhere within swinging distance unless I was the doctor.

MM said...

I saw it too. He just sort of went down...not a lot of drama. Fortunately, his face broke the fall. His helmet seems to be to blame for the chunk of missing eyebrow/forehead.