02 January 2017

First ride since last year...

Derp. #DadJoke
Still doesn't make it not true.
Normally don't ride on Monday, but I missed out yesterday. I looked at the radar, believed it, and screwed myself.
Even so, today was an arguably better day to ride. The rain stopped, and I headed out @ 0845. It was foggy, wet, and 65 degrees. Pretty flipping nice morning to ride a bike. Did the normal morning loop, and came in on a VERY damp PowerStation.
The waterholes are ALL very full, the mudhole is gigantic, and the surface is HEAVY. Much effort was necessary in order to hold a respectable pace. I bapped the dookie out of the paved x-road, and pinched the front tube. Stupid.
It was going down, but pretty slowly. Ride it until you can't...
After understeering through a wet corner, it was time to stop. Quick change, and back on it.
2 hours. 55km. The bike is a mess.

Did a fun ride NYE morning. Juan Solo. It was cold. Too cold for most, as I saw no one else.
Normal CX loop w/an extra dirt loop thrown in. After I'd it the GD downed tree in The Cathedral for the second time, I stopped and moved it off the road. You're welcome.
Seemed like a good spot for a photo op.
Take care of our play area. I know a lot of folks like it out there, so stop, and clear things away if you can. Make it better for everyone!
Probably back out there tomorrow, as it's supposed to rain again...

Got this shirt for #2 for Christmas. You know he 'bout dat life....

 The bridge into Manhattan. Such a great shot.
It was at this moment that Jesse knew he'd fucked up...

I'ma do better this year. More posts...more often...more dumberer.

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