28 December 2016

Is it over yet?

Murry Chrimas errybody!
Now...can we move on?
I like Christmas break for one reason...I get to ride a lot. The Boss has been home for a week. The kids are into week two.
Thankfully, The Boss went back to work today, so the house is a bit quieter. A bit...
Santa brought the boys enough stuff to keep them occupied and out of my hair...or lack thereof...so they're relatively sedate.
As for the riding, many rides were done in the past week or so. My legs are dead. 5 of the last 7 days have produced a minimum of two hours on the bike each day. Also produced some moments...

So you remember that cold ass, really foggy morning about a week ago? Yeah, I went out in it. Twas foggy, and the fog was dense. It stuck to clothing, making it very wet. Hands were cold. Borderline non-operational.
Also gave a serious Scooby-Doo moment back on The PowerStation.
Spooky enough back there solo...
Cold the next day too, so I was Juan Solo on the road bike. Nothing to report. It was an uneventful ride, which is really what we should all strive for.
Xmas Eve gave us a nice little group roll out through LR. TVH finally brought Sad Bear a hat.
The group wanted to turn for home early, so I turned. Once back into town, they went home. I did another hour. You're welcome.
Xmas Day was the normal 'Tour de SC". Three stops in all. First two = good. The last was the usual painful, "Why do we do this again...?" affair. It's like being in an arbitration hearing. Only half the people can actually tolerate each other. I just don't get it.
Thankfully, it ended early, and we bailed.
I got up and got on the bike the day after, mainly to shed the negativity that had stuck to me the previous night.
The PowerStation is in pretty good shape. Hard-packed. Still a few wet spots, and the mudhole is still rather large. Upside? There are lines around the outside. Don't get it flipped though. The lines are NOT dry. You'll get muddy. Get the line wrong, and it's deep...and cold.
Felt better and better as the ride went, so I pushed a bit. Twas cathartic. Pushed out the bad juju.
Same loop yesterday...except for the GD train that blocked EVERY road I needed to cross to get out. And by every, I mean EV-ER-Y...from the river to KnoxA. Only spent 20 minutes trying to circumvent the train.
Finally got out, and got going, only to realize the legs were a bit snapped. Coming back in on the dirt, I ran into Crazy Pants, and turned around. We rode a loop back into town, and parted company at Tech.
Did I mention it was 70 degrees, and we were both in shorts and SS jerseys?
How's your weather?
5 of the last 7 days have been on the bike. Lots of kms. Road bike clean. CX bike not.
That's THREE good rides.
I want to put 11v on the old dog, but I beat the shit out of it, and honestly feel bad doing that to new parts.
I did hit it with the hose in the afternoon.
Back on the clock today. DSS frowns on leaving minor children at home while one rides...I've heard...

Things to look at :
 Yes, I know it's a thru-axle, disc bike, but the paint...oh...the paint....
And if anyone is thinking of getting me a post-holiday gift...a Colnago is always a good choice.
Two wheels good...
I'm cool either way...

Gotta get the day started...at 10:15am. Holiday break is good for something...

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