16 January 2017

Two weeks in a row

Last week was the second week in a row of 5 days on the bike. And another 4 days in a row.
Tuesday was CRAZY cold in the morning, but as I have the proper clothing hanging about, I kitted up, and went out.
It was 27F when I left. The dirt on the PowerStation was frozen...and were the puddles.
The call for less pressure in the Clements was a good one.
Still got a good 2 hours on the bike. Thanks to Giordana for Roubaix Knickers and a Windtex jacket. The jacket is so good, I only wore a baselayer under it!! And sweat THROUGH the baselayer!!
You can ride outside people! Buying the proper clothing is no more expensive than buying a stupid fucking trainer!
The rest of the week (Th, F, Sa, Su) were all road rides. All in shorts and all ended in short sleeves. Gotta love the weather in SC. Below freezing Tuesday. 80 on Friday. Headache? What headache?
Th/Fri were solo jaunts, as I'm unencumbered by "work".
I had a good roll going Thursday, but when I got to the level crossing @ Dixiana, the train was blocking the road...and had ZERO intention of moving. I turned around, and backtracked, but it was like the flow was gone. Still got 2+ hours, but it felt disrupted.
Made up for it Friday. Felt good. Rolled over the gear. Nearly a no-chain day. 2 hours was no problem.
Probably a bit mental as well. The new Vittoria Corsa G rubber got installed.
On the 23mm wide hoops, the 25c tires measure an honest 27mm. And they're REALLY round. I had to play with the pressure a bit over the course of those two rides, but figured out that 95-98(F) and 100-104(R) is the pocket. They are the standard for clinchers right now. They feel "fast", are crazy comfortable, and turn like a cheetah chasing prey.
I have about 10 hours on the set, so wear is unknown. I'll write a complete review in the coming weeks. Bet you can't WAIT!!
And let's not forget...
The blonde sidewalls just look GOOD!! And run latex tubes in them. Running good tires and shit tubes is just silly.
TVH and I went out Sat/Sun. He was breaking in his new Madone 9 w/SRAM eTap. Pretty cool bike.
His fit was a little off, but we stopped to fiddle with it. Seat still needs to go back @ 5mm and up @ 5mm.
And personally, methinks he needs a longer stem.
After 20+ years of ride Campag, it was fun to watch him reach for the thumb button...over and over and over...
I shouldn't say much. After 20+ years on Shimano, I'm confident I would have blown more than a few (dozen) shifts too. Old dogs must sometimes learn new tricks.
Both days were near perfect. If you didn't show up to ride...well....
No ridey today. I need to source some chainrings for the Ridley, and some pedals for the Salsa. I got some new CX shoes from Diadora, and realized that I don't have any pedals that'll work. D'oh!!
And Junior Management is out of school for MLK Day...
I guess DSS has an issue with leaving 3 children home alone for hours at a time.

 Focus. Just clean and simple.
 The new Colnago Aero bike. Yeah...I'd rock that. Change nothing.
 Sagan's "training" bike @ TdU. Where does the subwoofer go?
 And TVH and I talked about these bikes yesterday. Cannondales are just simple and clean. Square frames & two triangles. Sadly, I cannot make a Cannondale fit properly. 56 is too small and 58 is too big. Plus, I'll never buy a bike (or anything else) from the local dealer, even if they started to make a 57 again.


 I thought the second coming would be a bit more...theatrical...
Yeah...this is just funny...

Back to the bike tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see TayTay and JMR this weekend. I think they both still ride...
Now, I need to go to the LexCo office and help hang a giant mirror. The fun never ends.

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