30 January 2017


Hey...thanks jetstream! We'd all forgotten what it was to struggle.
Every ride last week was getting kicked in the teeth by the wind.
Saturday & Sunday were both chilly & windy. Felt pretty good Saturday on the trip out around The Swamp.
Speaking of, things are returning to normal out in LR.

This was taken shortly after the 2015 Flood...
The entirety of the lake was drained in short order after the road/dam gave way.
Little more than a year later, it has pretty much returned to normal...
Told you it was a decent day Saturday.
80km fell pretty easily, wind notwithstanding. Returned to an empty Service Course. The Boss was gone for the weekend, & Junior Management was at the LexCo office.
Ate lunch, cleaned the bike, and napped the rest of the afternoon. Rough...

TVH and I rolled out Sunday morning. It seems a few of The Heathens have misplaced their bikes.
The headwind was brutal. Dead out of the West. Of course, once we turned for home, it was like having one of those motors in the BB. 40-60kmh...just rolling...
2.5 more hours.
Back to SC, made BBQ, and napped.
Everyone returned @ 4pm, and may weekend of solitude ended without ceremony.

Press is out about all of the new team bikes. IDC. This is still the best looking bike of the last 5 years or so.
 And please, remember that people rode dirt roads before any of us thought about riding dirt roads. If you don't know, now you know...

A few rides planned this week, then Corpo is headed to the mountains for the weekend.
Enjoy Monday, before it's outlawed.

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