06 January 2017


So, it's been a year since they cracked open my right knee. Still getting better. I can feel that it was repaired, but there's no pain.
The surgeon said it would take a year for it to get close to "normal". That's about right.
I've been pretty self-preserving. Nothing crazy. No running. No soccer. Careful about twisting and hard lateral movement.
Figured I'd put it to the test this week.
4 days in row on the bike. All good. I even did some lateral strengthening exercises yesterday afternoon while Junior Management ran around on the soccer field.
Seems good this morning. My legs are shot though. No ridey today...nor probably this weekend. Gonna be cold and crappy. That's the actual forecast.
We're being threatened with snow. Not gonna happen, so settle down. Stop rushing the stores for bread and milk. Are you gonna make milk sammiches?

As I said, 4 rides in a row went off. CX/Road/Road/CX.
First days I've ridden the road bike in weeks. Felt light, responsive and fast. Weird.
Rode in the wet Monday.
Same Tuesday. Went out in the drizzle. It stopped shortly thereafter, but the roads were crap. Wet, sandy, and SLICK painted lines. 2.5 hours in it pretty much trashed the bike.
Now, I know a lot of people who would leave it as such, but as I have both mechanical sympathy, and a touch of OCD, It was cleaned and lubed shortly after this pic was taken. And of course, no latex gloves in Service Course. Ick.
Another 2+ on Wednesday. It was a bit breezy out in the country. Felt better as the ride went, and the blood got flowing.
Yesterday was colder, so the Salsa got the call. Having the brainfart of brainfarts, I went out The PowerStation. Yeah dummy, the mudhole is still huge.
As it was too cold to be wet, and I didn't feel like a morning hike-a-bike, I turned around, and headed a different direction. Still got in a good, easy spin. Also watched a big pileated woodpecker doing WORK on a tree out on the dirt. Not a noise other than him jackhammering the tree. Not one around other than him and me. One of the MANY reasons I ride out there.

One last thing...
Canyon will be available in the US very soon. Oh yes...sooooon...

Okay...go get groceries...

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