12 December 2016

Some things...

Happy Monday! If you're local, stay inside. It's CRAP out there. Ick.

Chrimbo is 13 days off. If you haven't hit up Amazon yet, better do it quick! Fortunately, I'm pretty much done. Just managing logistics of what gets here when, and for whom.
I need to order a couple of things, but I'm not too worried. I could get one of the things I need locally, but after my treatment the last time I was in the store where I can procure such items, I will order the item(s) online.
Play stupid games, win...well...none of my money.
People in retail need to understand that many of us don't NEED them.

Good rides over the weekend.
It COLD (for here) on Saturday, so Los Tres Amigos all slept in, and went out at 1pm. It was still cold(ish) @ 40 degrees, but the sun was big and bright.
Nice little spin out through LR on empty roads. 2.5 hours fell easily.
I'd also forgotten the joy that is a thermal jersey. Mmmmm...fleece-y lycra goodness.
Sunday, it was cold(ish) and cloudy. The other Heathens bailed early, so I switched bikes, shoes, and bottles, and headed out on the Salsa.
Honestly, it wasn't as cold as Saturday. Sure, there was no Sun, but the temps & humidity were higher.
I did some 'splorin', and then hit The PowerStation. It's in pretty good nick, except for the mudhole. It's still full of COLD water. There IS a line on the WAY outside (right side out/left side in), but make sure you stay dead against the bank. I got it right on the way out. The way in? Not so much.
Let's just say that 12-18" off the bank is deep mud/water. If you miss the line, keep pedaling & power out. That water is too cold and deep to dab.
And remember, "Closed" isn't always...
The good stuff is often on the other side.
Told you so...
And sometimes, you gots to coordinate...

Just remember one thing...
The forest doesn't care if you're cold. BTFU.
Speaking of Belgian, The new AquaBlueSport team is on Ridley next season.
Dark blue and gold. Yes, please...

Ok...I've monopolized enough of your Monday morning. Gotta go track down a frameset...

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