18 December 2015

Friday schtuff

 There IS a bike in this photograph. Seriously...there is...
 Not a big disc brake guy, but I dig this bike...
 You know who this guy is? If not...SHHHHHHHH!
And let's talk about the Briko Stingers. They should bring those back! If Oakley can sell the giant blades, these would sell like hotcakes.
Cannondale's new "gravel/adventure" bike. 650b wheels. Single chainring. Lefty fork. Discs.
Here's a thought...
Just put drop bars on a mountain bike.
Order a Baum, and it comes packed properly. Double boxed? No thanks...

If you haven't heard, American track hope Bobby Lea tested positive. And before people start losing their collective shit (they already have), and start calling BL a "doper", let's look at the situation.
Yeah...he got popped after track Nationals...for Oxycodone.
Here's his "Open Letter to Cycling..."

I have to say, for ME, more questions are raised, than answered.
Oxy (Percocet)? I've taken that shit before...after surgery. Knocks me CLEAN out. And I wake up looking for the cat that crapped in my mouth. It's terrible stuff. Lovingly referred to by dope fiends, and Law Enforcement alike, as Hillbilly Heroin.
Arguments have already begun about it's use. Bobby says he took it to help him sleep. Sure, ok...I get that, but DAMN man, that's like killing a spider in your house with a flamethrower. The spider is dead, but your kitchen is charred.
Take a Benadryl.
And not to mention that it's on the Banned List.
Tramadol is being used in the peloton now, and word is that oxycodone, and even oxycontin, are making their way into the bunch.
Gotta say...better dudes than me to take that stuff and get on a bike.
And so, so dumb...
The real question that is being discussed is addiction. I TRULY hope this isn't the case. By all accounts, Bobby Lea is a stand up, completely honest guy, from a good family.
If addiction is the reasoning, the story is even more tragic.
And speaking of tragedy, USAC and USADA banned him for 16 months. This has effectively ended his career...at 32.
Meanwhile, Tom Danielson, who has doped throughout his entire career, took a 6 month ban for snitching out others, and is currently being investigated for use of T, hopes to race next year.
There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of equity, nor reasoning, in the application of punishment from USADA. I think a ban is necessary, but 16 months? How about 90 days that includes some counseling?

More will come of this, I assure you...

Now to lighten the mood...
 Except bankruptcy Laws, right Donald? His autobiography has 4 Chapter 11s.
Some Star Wars funny....

Have a good weekend! Get your shopping done. It's what I'mma do, considering Tuesday is the last day for me to get anything done...

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