01 October 2015


So yeah, Hurricane Joaquin is churning out in the Atlantic right now. It's not forecast to hit SC, but we are expected to get 10-12" of rain. Yeah, that's not a typo...

Normally, I like pretty colors, but in this case, GFY Mother Nature. Seriously...
Working on the general assumption that there will be no riding outside. If I am forced onto the trainer, I won't be a happy monkey.
A thought DID occur to me though....
Are these flippers Keo compatible?
If there's a break in the rain, just enough to get out the door when it's not dumping down, I'm outside. It's just rain...and maybe some wind...you're not gonna melt.

I got out on the road bike this morning. Made the executive decision to lower the saddle on the Ridley. It just FEELS higher than the saddle on the Salsa. After about 20 minutes this morning, and feeling like I was tippy-toeing the pedals, I stopped, and knocked the saddle height down by 5mm. Doesn't sound like much, but with my back injury, I'm the Princess and the Pea.
Felt low at first, but after about 10 minutes, it was all good, and felt pretty much like the CX bike. Methinks I need to scooch it back a bit though. Yeah, I said scooch...
Knocked down an easy 90 minutes this morning, hit Service Course, and mowed the grass. #dadbrick

Last 40km of Worlds. You know you want to watch again...

And an open note :
Quit whinging about the coverage. It was fine. People who complain about having hours of cycling coverage on LIVE TV are spoiled, period.
The coverage was choppy at times because of how TV works.
The signal was taken for the motos, and shot to a helicopter, then back down to the truck, and out to us.
The helo cannot simply follow the race around city streets, thus, the signal gets interrupted but buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc.
And no, a fixed wing aircraft would make NO difference. In fact, in Richmond's case, it would likely be worse, because the plane must fly at higher altitudes, and be FURTHER frm the camera motos.
Welcome to the World of wireless TV signals.
The only way to get around it is static cameras that are hard-wired to the TV truck, and as it's not exactly a 4 corner crit, that ain't gonna work.
Be happy with the fact that we can watch cycling on TV, and on the intarwebs. It wasn't all that long ago that the only coverage we got was of the Tour...on Sunday...for an hour.
Now get off my lawn!!


And if anyone is in the market, my polished White Industries H1 hubs are on the 'Bay.
32 hole. Built once. Ti freehub. Spoke holes are in good shape. Smooth as butter on a bald monkey. Can't buy these anymore. 74g front/224g rear. Build into a light, stiff, bulletproof wheelset...

And a diet tip:

Peace out. If you live on the East Coast of the US, stay inside this weekend. If not, go outside and play!!

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