06 October 2015

Quick update...

No riding going on. We live in South Carolina, which is currently under a Federal State of Emergency due to the rains and floods.
The ENTIRE State is under water. Homes are inundated. Dams are still breaching. Roads and bridges are simply washed away.
We had 20+ inches of rain at the weather station near my house. This was after it had already been raining for a solid week.
My town in is disarray. Some parts of the State are in far worse shape. It's pretty bad. The national news was here, put has done a pretty piss poor job of coverage, and telling the stories.
Life here will be affected for a long, long time.
If you want to see what's really going on, dial up WLTX News 19 on the intarwebs, or get on Twitter and search #scflood. 
Thankfully, we live on high ground, and suffered no damage. My family is all safe. We have power and a trickle of water.
I don't care who you pray to, or if you pray at all, but if you choose to hit your knees, or turn your face to the sun, say a word for the people here who have been hit extremely hard.
I don't want to make comparisons, but the scope of the damage will pan out to be on par with Katrina.

This is an underpass that I-77N crosses. The water is about 10-12 feet deep in this photo. The creek that flooded is about 400m to the left of this spot. Much of the land surrounding the creek, all the way from Northeast side of town, to the river, was under this much water.

A couple of bike things...
 The guys from Erirea prove that one doesn't need all of the high dollar BS associated with cycling. They were rocking Ultegra at Worlds.
Peto!! Come on man! White shorts. Ain't nobody got time for that!!

And with that, I get back to work...trying to help rebuild South Carolina.
Have a good Tuesday!

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The Southern Warhost said...

Hey Mark-

I was thinking the same thing about the white shorts for Peto. I read somewhere that there is a new UCI ruling that states the champion must wear either the trade team shorts or white shorts. No black unless that were the trade teams shorts. In the case of Etixx/QS and Kwiatkowski, they may have change the trade team short colors specifically so their World Champ could look fresh to death.

Interesting, eh?