16 October 2015

Better than expected...

No, not me. I still suck.
Still fighting this poison ivy thing. Thankfully, Mayor Benjamin single handedly got the City safe water. That guy is amazing.
Anyway, at least I can soak myself in an epsom salt bath. Between that, the African black soap, and some high dollar steroid cream, the tide seems to be turning, and we're making inroads in the battle.

I actually got on the bike yesterday.
The water has receded, sort of, and the PowerStation is in decent nick. It seems the water was flowing down the road at a fair rate, and it took a lot of the top layer of sand and dirt with it. Gravel-y and rough is probably the best descriptor for the first couple kms. It's rideable, but just not as smooth as some might remember.
The middle section is about the same. Most of the debris that #2 and I cut, and pushed off the trail, floated right back onto the trail. I didn't clear it yesterday, as I was pressed for time, and already have enough poison ivy. It's passable, but not at high speed.
The washout is about the same...shockingly...
I figured it would be a small chasm after that much water flowing back and forth.
Once past the gas line, the ride stopped. There's still standing water on the road, and in the ditches. It's orange, fetid, and I'm just not riding through that.

Overall, it's definitely rideable. No real surprises. No giant holes to eat you. The animals are VERY active though. I saw turkeys, deer, birds of prey, and a BIG rattlesnake. Be aware of your surroundings. Tae the earbuds out and use all of your senses.

Tour de Leaves is this weekend. While it's a great ride, I'd rather stay here and be itchy, than suffer for 3.5 hours in the mountains.

Triumph Scrambler...
And if you like gas powered things, poke around on Silodrome. Pretty cool site.

Time to go get cracked and stretched. Have a good weekend. Go outside and play!

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