25 February 2015

Out like a lion?

WTF? This is SC, not the Midwest! Enough with the mid-30s and rain. I want to ride outside. I've ridden the trainer more thus far in 2015 than I did in ALL of 2014. Have I mentioned that I HATE the trainer?
I feel pretty sure I have...
Rode the infernal machine again last night. I'm approaching it differently now, however. No more just riding. If I'm on the turbo, there's a plan. Most of the plans involve making the time spent short, yet effective.
No, I have no plan to race...too old...too many kids...other things interest me far more.
The only objective is to get the time on the hamster wheel over with ASAFP.
Last night? Warm-up for 10 mins. 8x3 @ 90-94% w/1min. rest between. Yeah...it sucked, but it made the time pass really quickly.
10 minute spin down, and I was done. 50 minutes +/-. A good sweat. A little taste of pain.
People that ride the trainer for hours on end are a special sort. I really don't get it. I did 2 hours once. Thoughts of self harm were becoming pervasive. And don't say "base miles". If you need "base", you don't ride enough in the first damn place.
And the weather looks like it's going to be crap tomorrow night too. I guess I'll go back down to Service Course, and ride nowhere.
C'mon Spring...we're all pulling for you...

E3 Harelbeke's poster for this year's race.
It hearkens back to Sagan's little squeeze of the podium girl a couple of years ago. Kind of funny if you ask me. People are all foamed up though. I understand why, but many are using the term 'sexual assault'. Really? It's a poster for a bike race, and it's photoshopped. And Sagan immediately apologized for his transgression.
The very people who are all twisted up should Google "E3 Harelbeke poster". Where was their righteous indignation years ago?
Sure, I'll agree that using semi-naked women is bad form...not even going to argue that point, so keep it to yourselves.
The organizers of the race wanted people to talk about the race, and it seems that their marketing efforts have succeeded.


Missed it by THAT much...

Best. Looking. Felt. Ever.

Wait...Hincapie produced a design that doesn't suck? (JB reminded me that Hincapie only produced the kit.  The design was likely from the folks at Betty Designs.) <<<
Also, check out the guys at Zevlin. I especially like the Ti bar end plugs.

Happy Wednesday. You've made it halfway.

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