12 February 2015

Mid -week

Riding in the afternoon, on a Wednesday, is something of a rarity around here.
The Boss had a business dinner last night, so she came home early, which presented the opportunity to ride in the warmth of the afternoon sun. My first thought?

Nonetheless, when she came in the door. I headed out.
Seeing that the afternoon rush was beginning, I chose a loop that would present less of a chance to get popped by a car.
I've also come to the stunning realization that I really don't like to ride the road bike solo anymore. Herd mentality...safety in numbers...that whole thing.
Around the H.5oP loop, and back up Gervais, thru town, and into the 'hood.
Gervais was actually fun because of the traffic. I quite enjoy riding past the lines of cars. It also proved the need for a Law banning the use of handheld mobile devices while behind the wheel. A SOLID 30% of drivers were more intent on checking their phones than paying attention to piloting their 2 tons of steel and plastic.
Put them down people.
The ride was good though. An easy 90 minutes to loosen up and work out a few kinks.
Once back to Service Course, Junior Management #2 was out riding his bike around, so we did a few big loops around the 'wood. It was the best part of the ride.
The trade-off was that while The Boss got to go eat at Terra, I got to stay home with Junior Management. Such is my life...

Wiggo's Tour of Qatar F8. Not wholly unattractive...

Seems there might be some X-winds in Qatar as well...

Uh...don't stand so close to the implosion. And you might want to DUCK!

And if you're looking for deals on outdoor gear, cycling stuff included, check out Left Lane Sports.
They have some seriously cool framesets up right now...

How about a "Brazil" edition Look?
Or Japan?
Flip through their site. They have deals on all kinds of good stuff...

Now that I've destroyed your time management for the rest of the morning...have a good Thursday!

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