23 February 2015

Hey, Mother Nature....

Can you please figure out what you want to do? PLEASE?
Cold last week. Warm over the weekend. Rainy and cold today. Forecast to be in the 70s next week. And I wonder why my sinuses are staging a coup d'etat...

Tour of Oman $ list
And people wonder why sponsors leave cycling. It's not the doping. It's the fact that pro racing is largely a losing proposition.
After salaries are paid to riders and staff, fees and taxes are removed, and the UCI takes their chunk, going to Oman COST the teams money.

Meeusen showed some style over the barriers last weekend...

I wear my Road ID. Every ride...

Dean and I met Saturday for a road spin. On the way out of the 'wood, HWF, Chad and Timmy caught up with us. Kind of nice to have a little group on a Saturday morning.
Once out, Dean wanted to go long, and turned off. I had furniture shopping to do, so I rolled shorter with the others.
It was a nice little ride. Even turns on the front. Nice and steady...until we encountered a broken bottle...
Chad nailed it, and cut a Gatorskin. A GATORSKIN. At least our stopping spot was in the sun.

 And a couple of guys in an old truck stopped to make sure we were okay. Sorta random. Definitely cool.
 Once booted, we rolled on, and finished a nice 65km spin.
And instead of furniture shopping, I played futbol in the yard with Junior Management, and cleaned some mystery crust off the Ridley. Solid afternoon.
Sunday's wake-up call was met with rain, so I rolled over. After sleeping in until 8:30 (what?), and noticing the rain had stopped...for a while...I kitted up, and got out on the bike.
Funny how one has the road to one's self when it's 60 and damp.
I honestly don't think it rained at the far end of The Powerstation.
And where's Ricky when he's needed?
No moving this one. It's solid, and entirely too heavy. I did use my superior skills, and rode over it though. Doubt me? Chainring marks tell the tale.
Oh, and did I mention I rode in shorts? All that was needed was some Mad Alchemy Russian Tea...
It was 65 by the time I got back to Service Course, and the rain had begun again. Timed that ride just right!

And if you missed Lady Gaga on the Oscars last night, you missed something very special...

And she did it while Julie Andrews watched from stage left!!

Rainy Monday. Keep your heads down.

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