17 January 2014

Please sir...can I have some more?

I wonder what the pseudo-feminist Twitterati will have to say about this?
What is it, you ask?
Alison Powers, of the newly formed UHC Pro Women outfit is the race leader at the newly formed Tour de San Luis Feminin.
Hmmm...they'll probably complain, again, that the pink and flowers are bad for women's cycling.  Nevermind, again, the fact that the new UHC program hired a bunch of women, and support staff, and the race itself is a first time event for the ladies.  I'm sure some extra staff was probably brought on for that as well.
But, you know, the clothing is what to concentrate on here.
Personally, I love it.  I think it looks pretty fucking spectacular.  All she needs is some hot pink HBStache socks...

And speaking of UHC, while they didn't get a nod for Il Giro (what a crock of shit), they DID get chosen for Milan-San Remo.  Nice work Mr. Tamayo...

In other pro-dog news, rumor is that Horner is going to Lampre.  About time!  I was worried that he was going to go all 'Juwanna Mann' on us...

Fun little ride last night on a pretty perfect, crisp, Winter's eve.  I went out solo, as my mood, and motivation both left a little to be desired.  Once out, and rolling, both improved measurably.
Sure it was chilly, but not that freeze your man fruit cold.  Crisp and clean cold is good.
90 minutes later, I was back at Service Course, in much better knick.
I do like riding at night, alone.  Senses are heightened, are other than not getting killed by a 2-ton car, cares are few.
Speaking of, I'd like to give a special shout out to the uptight fellow in the big-body Lexus that honked at me at the intersection of Huger and Gervais.  Yeah, I took the whole lane...AT THE RED LIGHT!!  Once green, I rolled thru and got over to the right.  He honked again.
I stayed within 50-100m of his bumper for the whole trip up through the Vista.  I caught him at the light by WIS, knocked on his window, smiled big, and waved.
Yep, you jackass, I got here in the exact amount of time it took you.  Aren't you glad you professed to be in such a hurry by honking?
And thank you, kind, overly-tighty-whitey wearing stranger, for pissing me of just enough to go hard up Gervais.  Your ass-holish-ness just made me a little stronger!
I laugh in your general direction sir...

Looks like a blue sky weekend.  Sure, it'll be a little chilly, but that's why they make Roubaix fabric now, isn't it?

Time to get on the SCDMV website, if it works today, and try to solve an issue.  If not, I'll be headed to the DMV on Monday.  Keep me in your thoughts...

Enjoy your weekend...I plan to...

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