27 January 2014

Hidey Ho...!

And another Monday greets us with an ungloved slap to the face...
Take the upside.  It's going to be nearly 60 degrees today, thus you all have time to go get supplies for the coming "Midlands Snowpocalypse".
That's right.  Snow is called for tomorrow.  Up to 3 inches. 
Guess I need to go put some knobbier tires on the CX bike.  You prepare your way, I'll prepare mine!
IF it does snow, and anyone wants to do a snow ride, let me know!  I'll be going out anyway...

Good rides this weekend. 
It was nippley Saturday morning.  I rolled at 9...in 27 degrees and a howling 15-20mph wind.  A couple of loops around The PowerStation, and then some exploring. 
Cayce/WeCola is putting a lot of effort into the Riverwalk back off of The PS.  Tons of trails already in, and even more paths through the woods have been cut.  When it's done, it will be Mecca for getting out in the periphery of the largest hardwood swamp in the US. 
The best part is the care they've taken NOT to just destroy the flora in a wholesale manner.  Someone with good sense drew the layout for the trails. 

Yes, that's ice on the water hole!
  So, I turned down this trail...
 And found this...
Seems like they have plans for this particular trail.  There are a few of these terrifically overbuilt bridges out there.
I also like the fact that Cayce/WeCola has the good sense to just close down Old State to vehicle traffic.  No reason to leave it open.  It just invites stupidity.  Closing it allows it to return to nature, and become an even better outdoor resource than it is already.

Los Tres Amigos met on a chilly, breezy Sunday morning for a big, figure 8 loop out thru Lex/Cal.  No real plan.  Just rolling around on a beautiful January morning.  AND we came home with a tailwind.  What the WHAT? 
It's so ugly out there.  You guys would hate it.  We'll take the bullet for you...

I got home with 91km, so I rolled thru the 'wood for a few extra minutes, and hit the door with 100.22km!  I'll take it. 
Following the ride, I tore down the front end, and the BB on the Noah.  It should be done every six months, whether one thinks it's needed or not.  Everything got cleaned, re-greased, and re-assembled. 
A total of 6.5 hours in the saddle for the weekend.  Not too bad in January...

Productivity Killers :

Genesis Volare Team.  953 stainless.  OS headtube/downtube/chainstays.  Understated.  And these guys are looking to enter the US market.  Retail in the UK is 2299GBP, but they told me, via email, that they'd sell a frameset for $2500, including the Enve OS fork!!  Uh, okay...let's put more ideas in my head...

#Svenness 2.16 Leuven
#SVENNESS 2.16 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

TDU Stage 6 Circuit Race

Gotta say, OmegaPharmaQuickStopHouseOfBBQHaberdashery better get their collective shit figured out when it comes to leadouts, b/c Lotto seems to be firing already.  And don't forget, Griepel's main leadout man, Mr. Henderson, is re-cooping after knee surgery.  The train is only gonna get faster...

Another old picture of downtown Columbia.  The building is still there, right behind the Tapp's building.  Could be something cool again...

This just seems like a bad idea.  It's like these guys woke up and decided that they REALLY needed a head injury. 

Now get back to work. 

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