08 January 2014

1/2 way

Seems longer...doesn't it? 
School was out yesterday b/c SCE&G has a grid from the 60s.  25 degrees.  Sunny.  No wind.  Power was out to most of Richland 1 schools, and several thousand homes throughout Columbia. 
Their reason?  High volume.  No shit?  Really?  You mean people need to run their heat? 
SCE&G's answer.  Rolling blackouts.  Yeah, they said that shit!  I guess I went to sleep in the USofA, and woke up in Mumbai.
After getting crucified on social media, they suspended the rolling blackouts.  Instead, SCE&G offered advice to "conserve the grid".  This advice?  Turn off electrical appliances.  Computers, TVs, etc.  I was okay with this until I got to the part where they said to unplug your refrigerator to conserve.  Huh?  SCE&G...here are three more letters.  GFY!
Maybe they should take some of the exorbitant rates they charge, due to their monopoly, and upgrade the grid.  Did I mention they want a rate increase? 
I'm glad the WX wasn't actually bad, like in the upper Midwest.  We'd all be breaking up the wood furniture to burn in a fucking barrel.
I'm willing to bet that power didn't go out at their HQ on 12th. St.  Probably dead toasty in there...

-end rant-

Not a fun of the SS CX thing, but I'm definitely a fan of these dudes, and their general attitude towards riding a bicycle...

Transition Rapture CX Bike from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

Fortunately, the frameset comes with a driveside dropout that will allow one to run a derailleur.  And the choices for a new CX frameset grow...and the water gets muddier.
Plus, it's pretty badass looking!  Only issue?  Discs?  Blech...

Katie Fn Compton won her 21st World Cup CX race last weekend.  She also sealed her second (in a row) World Cup title.  id this get ANY play on US TV?  Nope...just sad...



As for the collective, no ridey last night.  Too damn cold.  Cold and sunshine is one thing.  Cold and dark goes over the hard/stupid line...well into daft.
As an aside, a few of us are planning a ride that with either be big fun, and borderline E-word, or it will break our spirits, and/or kill one, or more, of us.

More to follow...

BTW...the trainer sucks.  Riding 4x5s on the trainer sucks really bad.  That is all...

Have a good Wednesday!  I need to go buy food.  I'm sure the bread and milk aisles are wrecked...

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