22 July 2013

I feel hungover...

After three weeks of happy Tour drunken-ness, I feel a bit like something is missing. 

I guess I'll turn on one of the 24 Hour news channels, and wait for the royal baby to drop.

 Sky gave Froome this Jag drop top as a reward for winning the Tour.  God, I hope those are decals...

The King reaches for his sword.

 A photo of Sky's illegal feed from a few days ago...

The origin of Zipp wheels...?

The plan was NOT to ride this weekend, but I got itchy yesterday.
CX bike?  Check.
Did a nice two hour spin thru the dirt out in WeCola.  Old State is a basket case right now.  Wet, choppy, completely blocked by mud and water in places.  Perfect.  Saw a clutch of rabbits, a baby deer, and a really big snake. 
Didn't feel bad, but heat prostration from Thursday night still lingers.
I rode fine, and felt okay, but once home, and working in the yard, the body temp shot up, and I started feeling like shit again.
I'll ride this week, if Mother Nature doesn't try to drown us again, but I'm not riding hard...not even close.

Tour's over...time to catch up on work you've been neglecting for that past 3 weeks.  Me?  I always neglect work, so it's not a big deal...

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