16 July 2011


In watching the Tour over the last three days in the Pyrenees, I've come to a conclusion. This conclusion is mine, and mine alone. You are more than welcome to agree with me however, and I'm thinking some of you may do just that.

Voeckler is cut from old cloth. He has more heart, soul and style than the 'favorites' in this year's Tour. He's a gritty little bastard who rides completely above himself, and for that, he must be admired. No HRM, no SRM, no radio. If the move goes, he goes. The favorites couldn't drop Tommy today, which leads me to believe that they are going to be forced to do actual work to wrest the maillot jaune from his shoulders. Like the vaunted Honey Badger, it seems that Tommy V "don't care".

Good two hours on the CX bike this morning. Beautiful out in Lexington County this morning. Funny how people are 'discovering' the roads out there lately...

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Velocodger said...

I've been a fan of Thomas since 2004. "Le p'tit blanc" is the star of the show this year. And I'm happy about that.