27 July 2016


Yeah...you think about it the same way when spelling it...

Brutally hot last night. Sandbaggers galore. People who badmouth the ride, and the group, for YEARS, but show up. You know...a good group ride.
I was less than motivated to go out in the 147 degree heat last night, but I went anyway. I still feel a little bad from last weekend. Usually takes me a week to come back from stings that cause reaction.
HR came up more, but only to about 160-ish. That's not enough...
I was surviving, but not really enjoying it.
On Old Wire, JMR had a flat...and no kit, so a few of us stopped. He had a nice cut in his tire, so I booted it, and changed the tube.
At this point, my motivation was gone. They continued on. I turned left and did my own loop.
Word is that JMR flatted again about 5 minutes later. Wasn't my work. I blame the tube.
Fucking Bontrager XXXL tubes are terrible. Never had one that survived more than a ride. Hell, the last one I pulled out of my flat kit had a hole in it...OUT OF THE BOX. Good QC there guys.
If you want a good, thin, supple tube that will actually LIVE, just buy Vittoria latex. Hell, they're the same $ as the butyl Bontrager garbage, and I PROMISE that they ride better.
Anyway, I rolled solo, and meandered home.
Not before passing the Statehouse, which was inundated with pasty, veal-like millennials playing Pokemon Go.
Go back inside, and leave the outside to those of us who know what to do with it.
And the next PokeDork that steps off the curb, into the road, and in front of me, is going to catch an elbow to the dome.

Yeah, I'll take this one...
Where was this when I was looking for a truck?
A stretched Suburban grafted to a TopKick chassis and front-end. You know, in case you need to haul 10 people, or pull an apartment complex of it's foundation.
Yeas, I know people will cry "compensating", but those are the same people who likely drive beat to shit Honda minivans.
And speaking of beefy, I slapped some 32mm wide Clement Strada LGG meats to the CX bike.

They're big and round. No clue what pressure I should run. None. I'm guessing 75R and 70F. We'll see tomorrow night...

Gotta go finish a bike. Stay inside. It's too damn hot.

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