11 July 2016

Back at it...

Well, I did not win the $500+ Million Mega Millions drawing, so you guys are stuck with me...

I took last week off the bike after being glutened. Took me until Thursday afternoon to feel "normal" again, and as the temps were somewhere between India and the Sun, I opted to keep my happy ass inside.
It gave me the time to source, and order, new bars for the CX bike. Deda Zero100 Deep, if you're curious. 92mm reach and 142mm drop. 3mm different each way than the Newton Deep.
If they feel the same, I may order a couple more for stock.
I put PRO "deep" bars on it for the time being. I can live with the difference for a week or so. The "or so" part is important, as getting things from England is either quick, or it takes weeks. Gotta love Customs....

Saturday, we met at 8 for the normal blast out through the Swamp. It seems my two compatriots felt like pushing. It felt faster than usual. I say "felt", as I still have not affixed any means of recording speed to either bike.
All I know is that my legs were confused, and towards the end of Old Bluff, when I looked down, I was in the 52/15. That's about 40kph @ 90rpm. Easy when you have someplace to hide. Not so much when you're the biggest guy in a group of 3.
On the way back in, the pace slackened...a bit...until TVH shellacked a hole. Not only did his bars slip down, his left shifter slipped on the bars. Nice.
We rode piano from that point.
Pro-Tip for his mechanic : Carbon Assembly Paste is your friend, especially on a bike that has nothing but carbon bits on it.
90km in the bank. Home well before it got hot. Win/Win
As most of the Heathens are out of town, TVH & I met for a spin out through LexCal. A hilly, hot spin. I felt Saturday, so when the road turned anywhere North of about 4%, I put it in a comfortable gear, and simply rode to the top.
Temps weren't bad (90-ish), and there was a breeze (in our faces), so it was manageable. Another 75km. Got some sun too. There's NO cover on that loop. None.
When I hit the door, The Duke was in the splash pool. I emptied my pockets and got in. There is no pride after finishing a ride in 95 degrees.
The rest of the day was #NoPantsSunday. Success.

The Tour was ended it's first week+...
Cav seems to be back. He passed Hinault for second place on the all-time stage wins list.
Hinault is smiling, but one could hear him grinding his teeth, and muttering, "I keeeel you..."

 Cav is riding full custom Enve wheels on King hubs.
 The new Ridley RVV. I'm listening...
 Lotto-Jumbo's Bianchi. Lovely.
 Greipel's Noah. The paint is beautiful.
And let's examine this...
Leigh Howard (IAM) clocked 122.7kmh on a descent in Stage 9. That's 76mph in old money. Scary. I've tickled 60 a few times, but 75+? Oof...

2017 C'dale Evo. I dig it.
And let's be clear. I know the Tour is going on. I know it excites people to ride, and ride harder than they normally would. Be aware though that you are NOT a ProTour rider. Ride within your limits.
And if I see ANY of you doing this...
I will ask you to leave. No humping the top tube!!

Happy Monday! Gonna be another lovely day of 100+!!

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