18 July 2016


This two-day weekend crap needs to be legislated. Monday should be a day off too.
3 weeks until we leave for holiday. Same undisclosed location. No, still not going to tell you.
4 weeks until school starts. Morning rides? Yes, please...

Speaking of...
The Saturday ride fell apart. People out of town. Other things to do. Lost in the neighborhood (Taylor).
Me? Of course I rode. Duh? Do you people not even know me?
As I've begun to loathe riding the road bike solo, the pulled the Salsa from the quiver, and headed out.
All the way out and around Eastman, and home through The PowerStation.
It must have rained/stormed/blown hard out there. Branches down everywhere. One tree down blocking 90% of the road. Heavy surface.
No matter. I was having one of those exceeding rare 'no-chain days'. The cranks just rolled over.
2 hours and 55km later, I was back at SC.
Quick feed and rinse, then work in the yard. Well, on Service Course itself.
Bad wood cut out. New wood installed. Upon pounding the last nails, some sort of stinging insect flew out from under the building, and went on the attack. I took on to the calf, one to the butt, and one directly to the nose. Yeah...the shit hurt.
I ran inside, took two Benadryl, and hit myself with the Epi-pen. I simultaneously got really sleepy, and really jacked up. Thankfully, nothing swelled. Can't imagine what the face would have looked like. It's bad enough w/o swelling...
At that point, I was done for the day.

3 Heathens met Sunday for a modified run out to Swansea. The weather was great, and a good pace was kept. I had trouble with HR. I blame the chemicals coursing through my blood from the insect stings.
And I'd forgotten how long a few of the rises on Hwy 21 seem to be.
The body woke up a bit on the final run into Swansea, and felt pretty good after the stop.
And on a day like yesterday, it was hard not to feel good...

As one can see, it's horrible out in the country. And dangerous! Riding in the Fort is much better. You guys stay there! Wouldn't want to endanger anyone.
(Pssst...on the run from Swansea, down to Pine Plain, over the ridge, and down to the end at the BP, we got passed by 2 two cars. Both drivers waited to pass, gave us plenty of room, and waved as they went by.)
Coming in on 12th St., in was an episode of "Hawks in Flight".
We saw two Swallow-tailed Kites eating insects over the edge of the tree line, and once to the 77 overpass, what can only be described, in technical terms, as a BIG ASS Red-tailed Hawk.
The Red-tail is pretty common around here these days, but the Swallow-tails are a rarity in this part of the State.
As an aside, Mississippi Kites are out and about in town right now. A large one sat above me as I worked in the yard on Saturday.
Pretty amazing to have so many birds of prey hanging around.
Anyway, TVH and I rolled up through campus, and the asshats playing PokemonGo, and home.
Another Sunday. Another metric.

I'm sure you're watching the Tour, so I won't re-hash. Nuttier than squirrel turds.
I will post ONE video though...

That's a whole lot o' watts being laid down in that break.

Happy Monday kids!

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