13 June 2016

Hot and hotter

We had a nice little group Saturday morning...until The Dean shellacked a hole on Shop, not 15 minutes into the ride, and double flatted. We all stopped, but it was clear to see that his enthusiasm for the ride had quickly waned.
He called for pickup. We rode on.
It was quicker than usual, and we meandered a bit, hitting a few roads we hadn't been on for a while.
KL's bike was acting up, so he was stuck in the 36 for the first half of the ride. Can't have that. It insults my sensibilities. A multi-use stop was decided upon.
CC took pictures of an abandoned church, and I took a BIG swing at the B-screw on KL's rear mech.
People, the B-screw is important. Not enough tension, and the chain will jump around, and shifting will be on par with the Trump presidential run.
Once back up and running, we rolled pretty well t the end. Gotta say though, somewhere in the last 30 minutes of the ride, temps went from warm/comfortable, to "Hey, it got hot...".
And shortly after I got home, my week of solitude was shattered by the return of Corpo. (Insert Sad Trombone sound here)

The Heathens met for TCOTBR on Sunday morning. Good group. Then trouble began to arise.
It was warm from jump, and once out towards Swansea, I knew I was going to have issues. No power. High HR. Shit.
After the stop, I thought I could ride through it. Nope. Core temp through the roof. Much like a vehicle whose ECU senses problems, I went into limp mode. Stayed mostly in contact, but was coming apart.
Mike flatted his rear Bora...again, so I got a break under the shade of a tree. After that...I did nothing more than turn the pedals over to get me home. No bonk...just the inability to get cooled off.
I made it home, but things were not very fun for about 2 hours after. Cold sweats, nausea, chills, dizziness...
Time to sit under the cold shower. I sat in the tub with cold water running on me for about 30 minutes.
Once out, I sat on the AC vent for a while, and my symptoms subsided.
It only reinforced that I just cannot handle big heat anymore. And yes, the heat was BIG.

I did get a few good snaps though...

Between the heat issues, and feeling a bit dinged, I'm taking a few days off. In my 8 days of ostensible 'singleness', I rode 450km. Biggest week in a LONG time, and definitely more than enough to make my knee a bit stiff.
And it's forecast to be HOT this week. I'll stay inside, where it's in the mid 70s.

 While I still think white bibs are silly, I also reserve the right to allow exceptions...
 Racing lesson : Don't ride TO the line. Ride THROUGH the line. #BikeThrowsMatter
Hey Mike, how about this Pininfarina DeRosa? 

Happy Monday kids. I'd say go outside to enjoy the sunshine, but it might melt you into a puddle.

See you in a few....

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