27 June 2016

Das weekend

100km Saturday. 100km Sunday. Tired. Stiff. A little dehydrated...

Saturday was an normal, out-through-the-Swamp affair. It was humid, but relatively comfortable. The heat didn't come on until the very end of the ride. Only got hotter as the day progressed.
Sunday was cooler, and breezy, but for some reason, the heat sort of popped my at the end. I could feel it coming on, so once we got to Bluff, I sat up and rolled home.
I don't know if it's levels of hydration, or what, but once the thermometer tickles 90, I cannot go hard. Sure, I can roll at 30kmh, but anything requiring effort just blows me up. Gotta get that figured out.
I'm definitely not hydrating through the day, and as I'm trying to lose a little weight, my glycogen stores are getting shot in the ass pretty quickly.
But enough about me...
Sunday was nice, as we did a loop that we haven't ridden in, well...years. And it made me realize, once again, that riding out in the country is infinitely better than turning loops in an Army base...where they don't want us anyway.
And the "safe place to ride" argument was proven moot, again.
Once we turned onto Old Leesburg, all the way through Willie Wilson, into Eastover, and all the way back to Cabin Creek, we were passed by THREE cars. That's 20+ miles. We'll ignore the fact that the views are WAY better...
Yeah...I'll take my chances out in the sticks.

 Ritte crushes another paint choice...
 JMR had a little issue with his Ultegra 6800 cranks. And no, that's NOT normal!!
Warranty anyone?
Basso seems to be coming back. If anyone wants one, I know THE guy.

National Championships were last weekend in Europe.



Enjoy your Monday! Gotta jet...Target is calling my name....

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