25 September 2015

You asked for it...

You asked for rain. You complained, "We NEEEED the rain...!"
Well, you got it. Hope no one was near Main and Whaley yesterday. The water was only about 6 feet deep.
It rained for about 15 hours yesterday.
That idiot, Sam Champion, on The Weather Channel, said that the storm was pushing into the Southeast this morning.
Good to see that moron was paying attention yesterday. Thankfully, today is his last day on the morning shift.

Speaking of rain, you know that thing where you go out, under threatening skies, and smash a ride for 90 minutes, then when you are 15 minutes from home, the bottom drops out?
Yeah, welcome to my ride yesterday morning. Felt great. Just turned the pedals over.
Once across the river, and headed up Gervais, the rain started. By the time I got back to Service Course, it was dumping.
I'm wet. Shoes are soaked. Bike is filthy. Good ride, all in all.

I'll leave this without comment...

Don't you just love the UCI?
 Kiry wins the TT...
...then gets his bike checked for a motor.

In other TT news, here's yet another reason to dislike UHC...
Villumsen can't get into her preferred TT position on her sponsored Wilier, so she rode a Trek (yeah, it's a Trek), and won Worlds.
Tamayo has a hissy, and threatens to fire her, or may have, then reinstated her...
She wins, and everything is okay with the World.
Willing to bet the farm that had she not won, he would have canned her on the spot.
Here's an idea Mike: Carry some extra Wilier decals in your bag. Not the first time someone has ridden a non-trade team bike.
His excuse? Protecting the sponsor. Um, okay...because, you know, there are SO many Wilier dealers, and folks riding around on Wiliers. Who even imports Wilier now? I remember when a local company was the distributor. They couldn't give them away...
If I was Villumsen, I'd take my maillot arc en ciel, and move on. A World Championship opens other doors.

Cav and Eisel are going to MTN-Quebeka, which will be called Dimension Data next season...probably with ETIHAD Airways on the kit somewhere. Should be interesting to have about a half dozen "sprinters" on the team next year.

Hope everyone took some rain gear to Richmond. It's supposed to rain this weekend. Thank Dog Tejay isn't there! Can you imagine the whinging?

Happy Friday! I'd say go outside and play, but it's really shitty outside. Should be better tomorrow. Do it then...

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