18 September 2015

A little morning action...

Days are getting short around here. Darkness is falling early. Time changes in a few weeks.
Instead of waiting around for the groups rides, and being forced to come home at dusk, I've been Juan Solo lately.
All of Junior Management is now in school, so my mornings are relatively free...for a few hours at least.

Get up. Knock out a ride. Get home. Have the rest of the day/evening. Simple...really...

I got CRACKED by the chiro on Monday. I was crook-ed.
Tuesday morning, I was stiff and sore. I got on the bike anyway, hoping it would loosen me up. I left the house and pedaled squares for about 45 minutes, then the stiffness worked it's way out, and the rest of the ride was smoooove.
Well, except for the inbred woman who screamed, "Get a job", out her car window at me.
How very original! I'm out riding my $5000+ bike, while wearing $300 worth of kit, and $400 shoes. Idiot.
I yelled back, "Maybe you should have studied harder...!" Pretty confident it was lost on her...

Rode the CX bike Thursday and Friday. Same loop. Same effort. Speaking of effort, there are a few things that will stop a nice, cruise-y interval than crashing through a full, LARGE spiderweb.
It COVERED my helmet, head, and face. Stuck to EVERYTHING. Pretty sure it was unoccupied at the time. Didn't matter. After I'd cleaned off what I could, I was still fairly certain there was a spider on me...somewhere. I'm itchy thinking about it...
As an aside, The PowerStation is in pretty good shape.

 That's funny right there! Feel free to use it...
 Shut up and take my money!!
 Sven is embracing his inner flouro this (his last) season. Wonder if the Crockett comes in that colorway?
Merckx CX bike...I'm listening...

Interbike is going on right now. Haven't seen a whole lot that has piqued my interest. I'm sure that will change in the coming days. There's always plenty to geek out about.
And Worlds are getting ready to kick off in Richmond. Everyone and their brother is going. Not me.
I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to go off just fine. As a spectator though, folks won't be able to see shit.
Plus, it's on TV. I'll be sitting right here, watching it on the 55.
Plus plus, I've spent enough time in the truck, and sleeping in strange beds this Summer.
For those going...Enjoy. I'll be holding down the Fort.
PS- I'll take Sagan...

Enjoy your weekend. Go outside and play!

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