15 October 2009

Random Shite

I did another fun ride Tuesday with the CC boys...after I forced myself to suffer through a prolonged cross effort. Everything was good, except for my choice of route. Not thinking about the fact that it was 75 degrees, and that people are fair-weather exercisers, I dropped down to the canal trail. It was polluted with walkers, shufflers, dog walkers and others who only 'workout' when the sun is out and the temps are over 70. I did my effort in the gravel nonetheless. I'm coming, get the F out of the way!
I continued out of the park and did an effort up Washington until I ran into the bunch. We fiddled around down by the baseball stadium and river for a while, then rolled through campus and back to the shop.
I tried out my new Michelin Mud 2 tires as well. They work really well in pea gravel, wet grass, loose dirt and mud. The are for shit on tarmac, but then again, that's not exactly their intended use. The casing is tall and fat which likely allows them to be run at low pressures. The tread is narrow and doesn't venture far down onto the casing sidewall, so leaning the bike over into a corner was a little hinky. I don't think the fact that I was running them @ 50+ psi was helping matters either. Maybe 10 psi lower, but then they would virtually useless on pavement. They were soft and washy @ 50 psi...do the math...! These are definitely soft/wet condition RACE tires only.
Riding tonight and tomorrow morning and then Doog and I are going to G'ville Saturday morning for a little cross action. There's a seat open in the battle wagon, if anyone wants to go race, or just wants to go and take in the madness.


The Dems can spend $800+ billion on healthcare 'reform', another $1 trillion+ on various 'bailouts', but can't give folks on Social Security a cost of living increase. Douchebags! My 92 year old grandmother thanks you!

Bandwagon Jumpers of the Week: Those who have 'discovered' night rides. I've been driving that bus for more than 10 years. Welcome aboard...

If there was ever a GUY'S movie, this may be it...

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